Friday, December 26, 2008

New Author First Book Challenge

If you're a new author, email me. Seriously.

I want to buy your book.

If it's not out yet, no worries. I'll still put your name in a hat.

See, it's all part of a diabolical plan to rid my shelves of pantywaist books and to fill them with uber goodness. Failing that, I just want to support new writers. (OOOhhh, that sounded super cynical for Boxing Day or post-Christmas hours or the Day After Christmas or St. Stephens's Day or whatever you celebrate. It's truly not intentional...Well, maybe a little of it is. But it's not directed at new writers. It's mostly directed at Publishing Companies who expect the new ones to publicize themselves these days. Tough row to hoe, I say.)

I'm also open to devoted followers of new authors dropping a name in the bucket. (Um, no sir, I have no idea why you'd think I was talking about you. Cyber-stalking? Why, I never mentioned it!)

Anyway, I'm buying three "firsts" and I'm challenging you-all to do the same. We can twitter away about our reading experiences, write ravishing book reviews, and post pics of book covers galore. It'll be fun.

Come On! What are you waiting for?


B J Keltz said...

Ohhhh I kinda collect first time authors (LOVED the Historian). Let me know who sends email so I can buy, too, or we can share, or whatever I can do to help!

Alex Moore said...

@BJ: Will do! And do send me any new authors you think are that delightful combination of awesomeness and in need of groundswell support :)