Thursday, December 25, 2008

First Annual Hated Book Give-Away Details

Because this is the first annual and much lauded Hated Book Give-Away, I thought I'd better go over some of the finer points. Expectations, being what they are, exist only in my head. Do as you wish, since Free Will Matters, and join in only if you please.
The Three Non-Rules to the Hated Book Give-Away:

1. Tell me you want a much hated book via email or commenting. Please include the title of the preferred book (first draw gets first pick, of course). If you win, I will mail you the book before the end of January. Yeah, I'm cool like that.

2. Even if you don't want one of my books, pick out three of your own (recently purchased) hated books and put them up for giveaway on your site/blog/twitter/road sign. Then let me know so that I can participate and possibly win.

3. (This is my favorite part) Commit to buying three new books from three new authors. If you're a new author with a new book coming out (first book only, please), email me or leave a comment and I will buy your book. (If more than three contact me, your name will be put in a hat along w/ everyone else's and -- in a most fair and equitable manner -- I will draw out the winning three.)

So, if you haven't figured out what the three books are yet, despite the many clues located on this blog, here they are in no particular order:
1. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead (paperback)
2. Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead (paperback)
3. Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer (hardback)

Let the games begin!


Other Lisa said...

Howdy, Alex! I had to come and say hello back, and that your gray cat looks just like mine!

Merry Christmas!

Alex Moore said...

@OtherLisa: good to see you here! The gray cat has a flawless pedigree of alley cat and traveling hobo. But he pretty much thinks he's Sultan of the Palace. You know the old saying: to a dog you're family; to a cat, staff :) (click on nov for other kitty pics, if interested)

Other Lisa said...

Now, about this Most Hated Book contest - if you could see my house, you might understand why I am trying to be a little more selective about the books I bring into it...actually you can. Click here..

But, okay, the Succubus one. Because my writin' sister can use it for research purposes. It's all research...

As for the new authors thing, being (potentially) one myself, this is something I'd like to support. What I want to know is, how can one find new authors? I think something is missing on the marketing end in book world. How do you connect readers to their books?

Lynne said...

Hi, Alex!
You dropped by my blog and did not shriek and run when its message said 'Merry Christmas.' You mention St. Stephen and I see bits of Latin here and there.
Please enter me in your Most Hated Book Contest. Problem is, I gave away a new book after Christmas because I knew it would give me nightmares: CRAZY MONARCHS. THE SECRET CARDINAL also gave me Nasty Dreams, even though he was a *good* cardinal. I can write scary stuff because I know it's not true. If true, it leaks into my dreams.
So, I have no idea which hated book I would want!
I like your blog, though. And your cat and your nephew.

Alex Moore said...

@otherlisa: you are so on, girl. the back of succubus reads like a dream :) as for the new author thing: i'm working on it. not sure how, yet, but it's a pet project for now... i'll keep you in the loop.

Alex Moore said...

@lynne: welcome! not sure why i'd duck & cover at the sign of Merry Christmas, but no worries: i enjoyed perusing your blog. thank you for your kind review, as well.

Congrats for participating in the Hated Book Give-Away already! (Haven't looked into Hated Monarchs yet, but I will certainly get on it)

Putting your name in the hat as we speak...