Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Structure Redux

Water stagnates. That's why it must be refreshed by an incoming source, and often, relieved through an outlet. Check out your local mud puddle or pond or size-challenged lake. Scum floats, slimy clogs of muck grow up from the bottom, and the water is clouded, full of silt and algae and general yuck.

By contrast, add movement or a brisk water source, and you are rewarded with fresh, clear water, good for drinking or irrigating or fishing or meditating.

I'm not sure how far I can carry this analogy, but my point is this: the writing community -- the writer's mind -- must continually be renewed. There are many ways, all of which have undoubtedly been discussed a million different times by various bloggers far more talented than I. My favorite renewal is via discussion and contemplation of those topics nearest and dearest a writer's heart.

So I just want to reach out to Lady Glamis and thank her for stirring the waters a bit in her latest post. My writerly self has succumbed to summer temptations and obligations, but this post on structure started me thinking things through again...reminded me why I was thinking the things I was thinking and where I wanted to go with those thoughts. If you haven't checked out her blog or this particular post, trot on over. It's well worth your time.

Special Bonus: I am excited and delighted to say that Brian McDonald dropped by her blog and commented a couple of times on the post! You'll have to mull over his additional insight and examples; he really is a master at this whole storytelling thing.