Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The First Annual Hated Book Give Away Teaser

The Christmas Spirit must be infecting me, because while I was procrastinating this morning I stumbled upon the most perfect idea I've had in a long time: a book give-away to celebrate the coming New Year.

Three Thoughts Inspire My Altruism:

1. Not only are my bookshelves full, book boxes line my basement, and stacks of books threaten to topple and squash the cat, but I possess three books in new condition that I despise.
2. I whole-heartedly believe in supporting the profession I someday hope to belong to.
3. New authors face a tough row to hoe.

So, here are the Rules:

1. I have three books (to be revealed tomorrow, if you haven't already guessed their titles).
2. All you have to do is email me or leave a comment that says, "I want a stupid book."
3. I will draw three names and mail a coveted book to each name, using a super-secret and uber-fair drawing mechanism.

Here's the Challenge: Whether you win or lose, participate or turn up your nose, you can replicate this good holiday cheer on your own blog. (After all, I might win one of your books!)

1. Pick three of your own hated books.
2. Hold a drawing.
3. Pass on your yucky titles and participate in a new holiday tradition!

Tomorrow:Titles will be revealed & the flip side of the giveaway coin will be discussed.


Anna said...

got more stuff to read than I know what to do with, but ta love for the comment, have a Happy Christmas and good luck with the giveaway... :)))

Anonymous said...

Sounds like lots of fun! I'll just wish luck to everyone else and avoid costing a potential bomb in international postage ;-)

Dogtrax said...

I would be honored to have one of your hated books.

Alex Moore said...

@Anna: heyas:) lemme me know if you've any new author recs.

@jchart: can't be that much, can it?

@dogtrax: you are SO on the list :) Did you have a preference?

Diane said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. You mare a genius! Since I have some hated books taking up room here and nothing better to do with them, I'll be taking up your challenge. Within a few days, I'll have a post up with three hated books of my own.

Diane said...

I learned that my intended give-away books are still wanted by another member in my household, though I doubt she will read them. I still want to participate though and may be able to part with some hated books in time. Will definitely buy three debut novels in 2009. I love the idea and do thinks it's important.