Friday, December 12, 2008

Candy is Hard Work

I mean, sure, writing the next great american novel is hard work.

but so is writing candy.

Just wanted to make it clear where I stood on that.

Disclaimer: no literary authors were defamed in the making of this post.


Diane said...

I think you should write (and read) what gives you more enjoyment. Speaking for myself, given the choice between reading something because it's said to be good for the mind, or reading for the pure pleasure of the story, I'll take candy any day. I buy more of it, consume more of it, and love it better than the edifying stuff. And I am not ashamed! :)

inlandempiregirl said...

When I saw your headline I thought you were referring to making homemade candy and I thought you had moved into a new dimension in your creative life. Now I cook and bake... but don't make much candy so I was REALLY going to be impressed.

Anthony said...

I was thinking of a girl named Candy!

Alex Moore said...

Do caramel turtles count as candy? I finally made some for Christmas this year! woot!!