Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lloyd Alexander Still Lives On

A Series of Partially Unrelated Events

In my Writing Rebellion post I mentioned reading the Harvard classics.

Diane commented that she felt it personally important to focus on the genre classics.

My husband found a set of Lloyd Alexander books -- The Chronicles of Prydain -- in my classroom and brought them home to read.

I admitted that I had never read the series. He looked at me in wonder.

On Monday, hubby handed me book one, The Book of Three.

I remembered Diane's words of wisdom.
Tonight I just finished book three, The Castle of Llyr.
I am now waiting for hubby to finish book four, so that I might read the continuing saga of Taran and friends.
I find I'm enjoying the lesson in brevity and action-packed adventure. It reminds me of the James Patterson interview I saw once. When asked what he attributed his great success to, he gave his half sardonic grin and stated, "Why, I leave out all the boring parts!"


Kameron said...

I remember reading that series in late elementary school/jr. high. One of the first fantasy series I read (Chronicles of Narnia was first, IIRC). I recently added both Chronicles and another trilogy by Alexander to my Amazon wishlist.