Monday, December 29, 2008

Follow This Blog

Be the first to follow this blog! or the second or the third...

One of the challenges I've personally faced as a blogger is tracking down all the cool writerly people that I've found on-line. So Blogger promises it's easier to keep track of your favorite blogs with this dandy little widget. We'll see.

In the meantime, if any of you are using it (or something like it), drop me a line. How's it working for you? Are you keeping in better touch w/ the blogging world?

Or are you just picking up stalkers?
Note: The Follow Blogger Widget is on the left hand side bar. Just click Follow!


David said...

I'm using Google Reader to keep up with blogs, and I'm finding it pretty good.

Anthony said...

I use Google Reader too but I like to have my tiny icon on other people's blog so they can click on me.

I like being clicked on.

It feels special!

I was going to insert some tacky comment about popping the follower cherry on Alex's blog, but decided that would be immature of me.

Alex Moore said...

so what's the difference of using Google Reader versus following someone's blog? or does it do the same thing?

Alex Moore said...

@anthony: i'm so glad you decided not to say anything in the least bit immature. impressed by your formidable restraint, i am.

David said...

Yes, Anthony, how do they differ? I've been curious about that.

Google Reader shows all the new entries in all the blogs I follow, on one page. Subjects only, but if you click on the subject, it expands to show the post (or part of it, depending on the particular blog).

On that same page, I also see the new headlines from such sources as the BBC, Rawstory, etc. Google Reader is an RSS aggregater, rather than specifically a blog follower, so you can use it for anything that has an RSS feed.

Other Lisa said...

Huh. I have no freakin' clue. I just kind of randomly click around during the day and see if anybody's posted anything.

Anthony said...

Google reader is a personal blog reader with some extra features.

FOLLOW THIS BLOG is a social function to link to your profile. My profile, here, shows you the blogs I am following in a public place.

FOLLOW THIS BLOG also puts up your icon on someone else's blog to click on and take you to your profile page.

I have readers of my blog who found me using this function. Thus, if you want people to come to your blog, you need to start following other people's blogs. It is not a big number, but like I always say, it is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

The Google Reader is just a kick-ass blog tracking tool. It has limited social sharing, but nothing on par with the block of tiny heads under "follow this blog".

Note I use WordPress and even have a blogger account. :-O

Hope this helps.

Please someone else follow Alex so I do not feel like a stalker.

Amber Lynn Argyle said...

I'll follow so you don't "look like a stalker," but does that mean I really can't stalk Alex? Please. I promise it will only be postivie stalking. I won't steal lint to keep in my pockets. Well, maybe just a little, but I promise no one else will know.

Anonymous said...

There we go, I'm following now too. lol I never thought to use my blogger ID until you mentioned it!

Alex Moore said...

ahh..good ol' anthony. you always have the wisdom thing going for you :)

Thank you, all of you, for following me. I am so very honored ;)

@amber: stalk away! we writerly folk gotta stick together somehow

@jchart: woo hoo!

@otherlisa: join the fun, hey?