Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All A-Twitter

So, it's official. I'm twittered. APHW wrote a convincing argument; I took the bait. Follow me if you so choose.


Dogtrax said...

I added you to my twitter list.
Take care

jchart said...

ah Twitter... lol hope you enjoy it!
Merry Christmas :-)

Anthony said...


(strokes goatee)

Alex Moore said...

@dogtrax: i'm a newbie, so i'm not sure what the lock means. it's ok if i just "reply" to you, yes?

@jchart: too fun. too addictive. oh yeah.

@anthony: you will pay. oh, yes. how many inspirations have you...well, inspired? Not that I believe in free will or anything -- it's far too much fun to blame someone who delights in his perpetual schemes :)