Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spreading the Link Love

Following the example of Interminable Writer (who evidently got it from Juiced on Writing), I'm spreading a little Link Love. "What is Link Love?" you ask. Well, it's an organized method of finding like minded people ... mainly writers who write and blog and have a life, too ... and crowing about them. Singing their praises. Bringing curious readers to their deserving pages.

Spreading the Link Love:

Step One: Explore some writerly blogs from the list below that have merit. Expand your horizons.

Step Two: Comment on their pages. Leave your calling card. (Commit to a couple new blogs per day, if you choose.)

Step Three: Copy the links below into your own post. Add your writing buddies to the list.

Step Four: Post. Continue exploring these various writers. Build a bigger network. Learn. Consider. Ruminate. Mull over. Disagree. Enlarge. Engage. Extrapolate. Join. Converse. Be.

Alex Moore All Things Good Anthony Pacheco: Hack Writer Selonus Writing Career Coach Nick Daws’ Writing Blog The Ups, Downs and Sometimes Insane World of Freelance Writing The Writer’s Roadmap Grammar Girl Cute Writing Tumblemoose The Writers Manifesto Blog Murder & Magnolias The Fictorium Writer…Interrupted Pix-N-Pens Juiced on Writing Girls Write Out Novel Journey Write Thinking Confident Writing A Life in Pages Write to Done Foxy Writer Story Hack Writing Journey Advanced Fiction Writing Scribereglyph No Excuses, Just Write Rantings and Ravings of an Insane Writer A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing Acme Authors At Home, Writing The Rejecter A Writer’s Edge Remarkable Communication Men with Pens Freelance Parent The Golden Pencil Ink in my Coffee Inkthinker All the Write Stuff BK Birch’s Writers Blog Chronicling the Novel Freelance Writing Jobs eWrite Life Miss Snark The Renegade Writer Writing White Papers Pub Rants The Well-Fed Writer Writer Beware Blogs! Gotta Write Girl PoeWar Tip Booklets 1WriteWay Enriched by Words To Breathe Underwater Annie on Writing The Interminable Writer Just Another Writing Blog Not Enough Words Paperback Writer Writing Time Writer Dad Pocket Full of Words Tech for Writers Writing with Zette The First Book Buzz Balls and Hype Big Bad Book Blog Diary of a Wordsmith Freelance Writing Tips Inky Girl The Urban Muse Mike’s Writing Workshop Write to Travel Something She Wrote Wordcount Write-From-Home Writing the Cyber Highway Write on Wednesday Writer’s Roundabout The Writer’s Technology Companion Writer Unboxed Backstory Editorial Anonymous Murder She Writes SlushPile.Net WOW - Women on Writing Rejection is My Middle Name Emerging Writers Network Writing Power Writing Hermit Write Anything Always Try a Little Harder Pecked by Ducks Bookends LLC - A Literary Agent writerjenn Daily Writing Tips Freedom from the Mundane The View from Here Out of Thin Air Shari Writes Writing for Your Wealth Into the Quiet Editorial Ass A Writer’s World Interminable Writer


Nils said...

I don't believe in linking indiscriminately like that. That's what blogrolls are for (and I do realize I need to feed mine with new links).

Alex Moore said...

@Nils: I considered your point at length, but I think I'll have to disagree. I had already explored the blogrolls of my blogroll inhabitants. Also, when I go to TopBlogList or like organizations, their top "Literature" blogs are mostly erotica or how-to blogs, neither of which interest me in the least. I don't have inordinate amounts of time, so when I saw this post on the Interminable Writer's blog, I thought, "Hmmm... Interesting. A way to explore new blogs already "tested" in the fires of bloggers I trust."

Second, I don't think that this is "indiscriminate" linking. I have not yet explored all of the blogs yet, but those that I looked at are on the topic of writing, which is a subset of blogs that I am particularly interested in. Since my blog is about writing, I feel it's appropriate to list writerly blogs.

Anyway, thanks for the comment, though. I'm glad you stopped by!

Michele said...

Nothing wrong with a little honest link love, eh?! Besides, if I hadn't had my Google Alerts set up to notify me when someone talks about my name or blog's name, I may have never found your blog.

Thanks for the link love, I appreciate it!


Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

Thanks for the linkage, Alex. My views on these "link trains" was well-documented during the last holiday season.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Thanks for the linkage Alex. Not only does your linkage provide me with new insight, but it also gives me access to blogs that I might not have run across yet!

That is aces in my book.



Alex Moore said...

@michele, georganna, & lisa: welcome & thanks for your kind words. I've enjoyed perusing your blogs as well... I hope you visit often.

Nils said...

Alex, okay, my apologies, I retract "indiscriminate". It still felt like shotgun linkage :)

Karen said...

Shotgun linkage works for me. Thank you for linking Write Anything and for taking the time to list all the other writing links.

I'm with you, I'd rather explore links displayed like this than weed through sites like Top Blog.

Bhaswati said...

What a pleasant surprise to see At Home, Writing linked here. Thanks, Alex! You are part of my blogroll now. :-)

Alex Moore said...

@nils: you are welcome to most any opinion at all, dear soul. I just appreciate your thoughts along the way!

@karen: good to see you here, Karen. Common people w/ a common purpose can change the world...& we writers have to stick together! Welcome.

@bhaswati: i found myself lost in the beauty of your photographs & written imagery of your last post...thank you for sharing!

Annie Evett said...

go link love.. you just never know who or what you find and how valuable that will be to your next step or path..
hugs and high fives.

Anne Wayman said...

You might want to include www.aboutfreelancewriting.com next time... that's where I'm blogging these days.

Anne Wayman