Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Mullings

I love autumn:

the crisp crunch of air that swirls up skirts and the skitter of leaves creeping across the drive;
and the scent of smoke and pine, fresh honesty and cinnamon, sprinkled with nutmeg;
the golden glow that imbues the natural world with a wild sort of wisdom and the bulging yellowed moon recalling favorite mistakes.

Most of all, I love living here in the wilderness, the place I call home, the home where I feel complete and whole and unashamed, a child of the flowers, the trees, the sky, and the silky streams tinkling their icy sweetness.


Anthony said...


Karen Mahoney said...

Autumn's my favourite time of year, too. See? I visited you. :)

I've been reading your older entries - you've got some great stuff here. And good luck with the queries!

Alex Moore said...

@anthony: thank you

@karen: welcome! it's good to see you here...thank you for your kind comments & well-wishes.