Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Perfect Storm: Emergency Plans in Place

If you've been following the current economic crisis, you know it's been building for years. I'm not interested in playing the ever-so-popular blame game, because the truth is that this mess is completely bi-partisan. If you want a particular person to study, however, check out Henry Cisneros, former Housing Secretary under the Clinton Administration. George Bush chose to continue those policies, however, calling it "Compassionate Conservatism." What is now being called "predatory lending" was once called "affordable housing." We're reaping a bitter harvest for wanting to feel good instead of demanding accountability, responsibility, and self-reliance. What some members of Congress are now calling "a failure of capitalism" and "the woes of de-regulation" was once called "eliminating prejudice in the banking system" and "insuring home ownership for the poor." Regardless of the motivations -- whether it was greed, stupidity, moral superiority, love for all people, or a marked misunderstanding of capitalism -- it resulted in the same mess: this perfect storm we now face. I just feel sorry for the people who are currently stunned by the stock market, housing market, and faltering economy, who are walking around blank-faced, in a state of shock.

If you've been staying informed, searching out alternative forms of news and information, you are already prepared. If you haven't, I'm not about to start crying, "The sky is falling." However, I tend to think one should prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Neither a pessimist nor an optimist, I try to be a realist.

If you do nothing else, please make sure you have plenty of water (or ice), gas, and non-perishable food on hand. Cash in small bills is particularly important. These are the items you'll need regardless of what happens. Often times, it's not the crisis that produces the need for these things, but rather the panic in the face of possible crisis.

What you can do: Prepare

The idea is to continue to be as prepared as we can be. We may have to hunker down and weather the storm, but at least this way, when others panic, we can be calm and ready. We can provide stability for our loved ones when it feels like the world is falling apart. Because, in the end, the only things that matter are the people we love.

Just remember: Water, Gas, and Cash. With silver prices falling, you may find it wise to purchase some junk silver in the form of pre-1964 quarters, dimes, and half-dollars.


Anonymous said...

I sincerely doubt it will come to that level of panic and crisis. However, those are good suggestions no matter what's going on. I just wish there were more people like you in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas when Hurricane Ike hit. If more people had been prepared then there would not have been price gouging, panic, and the "need" for a mass exodus. From Galveston, yes. But from Houston? No.

Anthony said...

Anthony's rule: You are one tank of gas from The Lord of the Flies.

Alex Moore said...

@selonus: the "perfect storm" idea is an interesting one. When chaos hits the microcosm of New Orleans or L.A. or other major urban areas, one of the more significant reactions has not been self-reliance but rather rioting and looting.

As we head into a contentious election, face certain economic woes, and perhaps experience gas, food, and other supply shortages, I wonder if this is what's meant by the "perfect storm." The idea of preparation is not necessarily aimed at surviving tough times, but maybe instead at surviving the people around you.

@anthony: no doubt. The entire point, then, of civilization, morality, and civil law is to prevent the disintegration of a society into chaos... or into The Lord of the Flies. Other societies have turned to tyranny or communisim to control the masses. We (Americans, democratic-republicans, freedom-seekers) believe in the inherent human ability to self-direct, self-discipline, and self-rely. My worry is this: if we (as a nation) continue down the path we're on, we'll continue to become reliant not upon ourselves but rather upon our government. Once that happens, we are ripe for the picking -- and, frankly, no longer deserve to be called citizens of a free nation.

Anthony said...

Hey Alex you are blogging about my novel Bunny Trouble :-p

Civilizations fail. All of them. When they fail or how they fail is a matter of logic.

How one prepares or not for the failure is simply measured in degrees of denial.