Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Publisher for Sci Fi Writers: "looking for new, upstart, breakout authors"

Ok. This news is a month old, but it's still exciting for all the budding sci fi writers out there: HarperCollins is launching a new imprint to publish "the next wave of authors...who are on their first books with us at Voyager."

Target audience: 14-16 and 27-40
Head publisher dude: Marc Gascoigne
Imprint Name: Angry Robot
Schedule: two books a month
Start date: July 2009
Tech Tools: website to sell book, digital audio, and e-books
Cool Tweak: on-demand book printing for those books that have "gone beyond conventional shelf time."

And, just so you know, HarperCollins does not accept unsolicited manuscripts (unless you're submitting for Avon Romance), so, yes, you really do need an agent.

Thanks to Gavin from Mechanical Hampster and Lou Anders from bowing to the future for alerting their blogging audience to the news.