Monday, August 11, 2008

When Goliath Doesn't Fall by Jody Conrad

[Note: A continuation of the up & coming series on new authors.]

Sometimes, no matter how hard you pray, babies dies. Sometimes, no matter how much you trust God, doctors find cancer. Houses catch on fire; tornados demolish entire communities; and terrorists successfully crash airplanes into buildings.

Jody Conrad's first book, out in 2008 and entitled When Goliath Doesn't Fall, asks the question What happens to our faith when our giants defeat us? Weaving true life stories with historical and biblical ones, and generously interspersed with gentle wisdom, Conrad strikes a balance between insight and compassion. A book of hope, When Goliath Doesn't Fall delicately probes the questions believers often feel guilty about asking God and lays bare the souls of those who have been answered.

Encouraging, thought-provoking, and always empathetic, Conrad provides the only answers possible to these questions: a Habakkuk heart, unconditional surrender, and a yielded spirit. Her own gentleness pulls back the curtains in a way that doesn't preach or nag but only reminds that God is in control.


Inland Empire Girl said...

I can't believe this. I just found her card I got in April with the note to order her book this afternoon. Now this is a second reminder today. I'll be reading this book real soon!

Alex Moore said...

@inland empire girl: It's been on my to-do list for a while now, too. Fortunately, it's definitely worth jumping on Amazon & ordering asap!