Monday, August 25, 2008

LiveScribe Your Life

I have a tiny attention span. Hmmm...that doesn't sound at all flattering. Strike that. I am consumed with curiosity and a constantly roving desire to learn. That sounds better. So driving down the road, I flip through every radio station I have access to, skipping anything monotonous or boring. When I happened upon an interview with LiveScribe CEO Jim Marggraff the other day, I was transfixed. Even though I had reached my destination, I sat in the car and listened.

And then I came home & jumped online to explore what I had heard. The techie geek in me greatly desires the Pulse smartpen. I am enamored with the idea of a pen that records audio (lecture, music, thoughts) as you jot down your notes. I am seduced by the fact that you can upload both notes & sounds to your computer. The beauty of this? You can search for key words within your notes. You can share everything you've done on-line. You can convert your writing to interactive flash movies or pdf's... the possibilities are endless.

I haven't bought one yet, so if anyone has, please email me. I'm curious about your experience. The smartpens are available at and Target, with 1GB costing about $149 and 2GB for $199 (which equals over 200 hours of recording).