Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Find a Literary Agent

Book finished? Revised four times? (Why is it that every time I talk with a "serious" writer they tell me, "I'm on my fourth revision"? Is four the magic number? Am I missing something? Have I lost out simply because I didn't do the requisite four?!) Have you toiled over your synopsis? Have you executed a finely turned query letter? Well, then, it's time to look for a literary agent. Good luck.

Actually, this post is not about finding the right literary agent. In fact, I think it's best to start with what this is not about.
  • It's not a list of agents. You can find that anywhere. Try Guide to Literary Agents, either online or in book format.
  • It's not a matching service. Zirdland is currently testing one, however, if that floats your boat.
  • It's not a get-rich-quick scheme. But I do have a large tract of undeveloped land to sell if you're interested.

There is a ton of information out there about each of those items. (Read my previous posts, if you're bored. Truly.)

What I've discovered, however, is that there are literary agents out there blogging who are phenomonal writers in their own rights. Treasure troves of information, inspiration, and motivation, they provide real tips in a timely fashion. So, my advice is to find a literary agent who "speaks" to you; who blogs on topics near and dear to your heart; who is honest about the work and the glory. You don't even have to query her. You just have to listen.

My contribution to the blogging agent list: Nathan Bransford. I'm not only impressed with his prolific blogging, but also with his uncanny ability to blog on topics I'm currently needing. Or even on topics I didn't know I needed but found great use for. Check him out.

Are there agents you subscribe to? Do you find yourself checking one agent blog in particular simply because there's always a gem nested there? Have you ever queried an agent that you found via blog? Let me know if you've found the perfect agent blogger; I'm always looking to expand my horizons.