Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cindy Pon: Up Next!

I must say that this journey has provided more than a few surprises. If you've been reading this blog for long, you know that back in December I had several bad reading experiences all in a row. I won't belabor the point now, but suffice it to say that instead of moping about, powerless, I determined to do something about it. In proper fete-ish style, I held a Book Give-Away (Dogtrax, Diane, and OtherLisa being the lucky winners) and determined to find three new authors to support.

One of these was Cindy Pon. Not only have I thoroughly enjoyed wandering about her blog and website, but it has been a pleasure getting to know the real Cindy Pon. She is truly a woman of many talents. I am delighted to say that her interview is coming up next.

Make sure you leave a comment or a question after the interview. Cindy will be dropping by, saying hi, and giving away an Advanced Reading Copy of Silver Phoenix to one of you lucky duckies.


cindy said...

<3 thank you so much, alex! have a wonderful weekend! excited to choose a winner on monday morning! =D i'll announce in comments but email you as well!

JKB said...

I LOVE Cindy! :)))) She has helped me so much with my subs process, I can't thank her enough! Alex, thanks for giving her space on your blog...I'm sure she's going to be BIG!

laughingwolf said...

good stuff, alex, cindy is multitalented, as you know :D

Alex Moore said...

@cindy: thank you, Cindy! what an awesomely chic interview you did, and you did it here which is totally cool, in my book :)

@jkb: no prob, jkb. and the crazy thing is (if i remember right) that i found you through her site, way back in the day! small world :)

@laughingwolf: thanks much & yes, you're right...i do know how multi-talented she is! but it's good to hear it from others too. have a rocking weekend!