Sunday, January 25, 2009

Must-Buy New Authors

The long and eagerly awaited moment is upon us: Step Three of the great Hated Book Give-Away commences in 3...2...1...!

After diligent searching and thoughtful meditating, I am pleased to present the following Must-Buy new authors. Upon reflection, I decided to focus on Young Adult fantasy writers this time around, since that's the area I'm personally invested in atm. Explore their blogs, leave encouraging comments, and buy their books. Yes, I know, you have to either pre-order their books or wait until they come out this spring. My advice? Pre-order. Then you'll be surprise with a lovely gift when it arrives in your mailbox.

1. Cindy Pon, author of Silver Phoenix: Beyond the Kingdom of Xia, a YA Asian fantasy. Available in April 2009, you can pre-order now.

2. Aprilynne Pike, author of Wings. Release date is May 5, 2009, but do pre-order.

3. And finally, R. J. Anderson, author of Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter. Release date is April 2009, as well, and, yes, you can still pre-order.

Happy Reading! And check back soon for more info on these Must-Read new authors' books, blogs, and bio's. Do let me know if you've scouted out any new authors -- in fact, post them on your blog and let us all know. There are lots of aspiring and published writers wanting to read and support the latest, newest authors out there. I know, because you've commented or emailed me, telling me so.


JKB said...

I definitely agree on 1 and 2. I haven't read much on 3. yet, I'll have to go check it out.


Amber Lynn Argyle said...

I love the cover art on these.

Anthony said...

I must say I try to not judge a book by its cover, but Amber is right. These books are good looking!

cindy said...

thanks so much for the linky love, alex! i've read all of these books! =D and they are great! (well, i love mine, but i'm really saying that wings and faery rebels are awesome!)
thank you again!! i'm a fantasy lover myself...

Alex Moore said...

@JKB: gimme your verdict!

@amber & anthony: me too! however, i must admit, I ALWAYS buy books based on the cover. Sure, I know the old adage...and you know what? I could bloody well care less. I love beautiful art and enticing covers! :P

@cindy: you are so welcome!!

Maprilynne said...

Thanks Alex!!! I can totally vouch for SPELLHUNTER. Incredible book!!! And Silver phoenix is on it's way to em and I can't wait!! Such a beautiful cover! Great choices! *koffkoff* if I do say so myself.;)