Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Seven Degrees of Separation

The lovely Diane Gallant has tagged me with the seven degrees of separation meme. I don't normally accept such challenges, but there are two reasons I accepted this one. First, Diane is truly a genius with the written word. If you haven't read her stories, I urge you to visit her site or pick up a copy of your latest science fiction magazine. She'll be there.

The second reason is entirely selfish. Coming up with seven things to tell you about myself is far easier than penning some deep and philosophical treatise on abs. Oh, wait..

1. I spent my first five years in a 30 foot travel trailer and the next ten in a one room + a loft shop building. No windows. (There was a door on the bathroom, though -- so maybe that makes it a two room garage?)

2. Growing up without a tv made me appreciate silence, books, music, and family time. I married a man with an appreciation of the same. We have chosen not to have tv in our house.

3. As a teen, my dream was to own 1000 acres and to live smack dab in the middle of it. It broke my heart when I learned that I would have to pay property tax on something I "owned." I had planned to have a garden, raise my own food, and live off of the land...which doesn't produce the green stuff of IRS fantasies. It's still my dream, but now I just have to be independently wealthy.

4. I married my best friend. I asked him to marry me.

5. My parents always read to us. My favorite two childhood books were The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Jim Corbett's Man-eating Tigers of India.

6. Although I have no natural musical talent, I decided to learn the violin two years ago. I've taken several lessons and it still sounds like I'm lighting cat tails on fire. I refuse to give up.

7. My favorite childhood author was Edgar Rice Burroughs. I could write an entire post on just Tarzan. He served as a sort of fictional role model for many years.

There's my list of seven. In order to play the game right, I need to tag seven more to continue this virtual version of truth or dare. Without the dare. I hope you'll play -- by either filling out the seven things or by visiting one of the incredible writers I've listed below.

  1. Anthony Pacheco; 'nuff said
  2. Scintillating & Sharp: OtherLisa of The Paper Tiger
  3. Uppington -- diligent motivator & encourager of self & writers everywhere
  4. Inlandempiregirl, dear friend, from Gathering Around the Table
  5. Douglas L. Perry author of Lost in the Sky
  6. Nils - the demi-god of world-building
  7. The ever radiant Elizabeth


JKB said...

This is very cool! I grew up on a farm and TV was definitely not on my list of fun activities.

I'm so glad I found your blog.

Anthony said...

This is the third time I have been tagged with that 7 thing.

My answer is still the same. Buy me a drink first, and I will tell you anything you want to know. :-P

I am a simple man. Some say too simple.

B J Keltz said...

I gave up my TV years ago and don't miss it. Well, I miss HGTV some...and discovery channel. But not enough to get reception. Nope.

cindy said...

hi alex! you commented while i was in england and i just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. happy 2009!

Nils said...

Thanks for the tag / link! - Demi-god, eh? I gotta do better then :-)

I don't usually do blog "chain games" though. Maybe at a later day as a fluff post. We'll see.

other lisa said...

Thanks for the link! But I'm confused. I'm not tagged, am I? I suck at this stuff!

Doug said...

Ok Alex, I did it. Check it out at http://douglasLperry.wordpress.com.
Thanks much

inlandempiregirl said...

My meme is posted. I found all your seven very interesting. I only a few of them.

Elizabeth Loupas said...

I posted a comment yesterday but clearly it has wandered off into cyberspace. Yes, Lisa, you have been tagged. Heh. I did mine... thanks for the tag and the link, Alex.

other lisa said...

Sigh...the last time I got tagged, I think it was six things, and I could only come up with two.

Diane said...

Hi Alex! Interesting list. It sounds like you have a very writerly life. At my house, the tv is often blaring even when nobody is watching. May I ask what you teach?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll probably play. But not today! I'm procrastinating this one until later in the week, at a leisurely moment...lol. So - just seven things? Anything?

Alex Moore said...

@JKB: me too!

@anthony: you mean you don't count that time in '86?

@cindy: good to see you here!

@otherlisa: yep, you're tagged. i think you have any time w/in the next 12 months to respond :)

@nils: doh! totally meant god. my bad.

@diane: i teach 9th grade english & reading this year. I've taught everything from 7-12 English, Speech, Spanish, and Creative Writing over the years...

@uppington: yeppers! 7 things...

other lisa said...

@Alex - oh, good! Though I really should find the one I posted for six things and just, you know, repost it. I don't have that many things left to disclose that I'm willing to disclose, you know?

Nils said...

No worries. I am faaaar from being a "world design god". Some day, though, I hope that I can carry that title. ;)