Thursday, September 10, 2009

Query Inspiration Strikes

I haven't got a bloody clue, but somehow inspiration struck with a vengeance last week. I've nearly completed my new query letter and I am 100% (or more) happier with the results.

It occurred to me -- amidst your many and varied and encouraging comments -- that my query said nothing, whatsoever, about the actual plot.

In fact, it read like any young adult fantasy; nothing set it apart. Truly. Curses, ghostly figures, talking cats, magical potions -- all things currently littering the YA fantasy world. Ad nauseum.

But I didn't mention the historical angle at all: the Mongolian intrigue; the Papal letters; the explorers who never returned from the Silk Road. I didn't mention my own creations: the Sylvan, a shape-shifting creature who mind-melds with humans, taking on their personalities and characteristics, or Xavier, a renegade priest who discovers the secret of eternal life, sentencing his followers to centuries of service. I didn't even refer to the Lady of the Lake, who makes a brief appearance and is somehow romantically linked to Maryn, the talking cat -- who isn't at all what he seems (who among us are?) and has more to hide than young Kalen can discover.

No. I didn't mention any of this. I simply talked about the ho-hum and the known, leaving what makes my story unique a complete and total mystery. And I wondered why no one snapped up my query? Yikes.

So, I'm not blue. I'm furiously composing. And I will soon be taking the agent-world by storm. Once moore. : )

Wish me luck.


Iapetus999 said...

Good luck. So when can we see this query?

stu said...

So in other words you didn't mention all the most interesting bits?

Alex Moore said...

@lapetus999: not yet; but thanks for your eagerness :)

@stu: indeed. sad, isn't it? at the time, i thought i was giving them what they wanted. it's occurred to me only recently that i've simply given them what they must read in the bajillions every day. i left out what actually mattered.

good news? now i can do something about it :)

MG Higgins said...

Best of luck with submitting your new and improved query. From the description in your post, I'm very intrigued.

Alex Moore said...

@MC Higgins: that's a relief! maybe my new query has hope :P