Friday, September 11, 2009

I Am a First Responder

In pace leones, in proelio cervi.
In peace, they are lions; in battle, deer.

I fell in love with today's Latin proverb (provided by the ever-gracious Laura Gibbs). I tried to put a positive spin on the pithy thought [peace time brings the regal bearing; battle reveals the deft speed], but in reviewing Gibbs' post on the subject, gravity prevailed. Deer are proverbially cowardly.

If you know anything about deer (in the forest; not those populating your lawn, nibbling your begonias, or whatever they do in (sub)urban areas), you know they're skittish beyond belief. They'll blow and dart away --> if they're bucks -- those great regal creatures with the curving, pointed antlers -- they blow once, maybe twice, and then scram for the next county. Maybe even the next state. If they're does, they'll blow a dozen times, run, stop, turn around, and blow some more, before running off for the hinter lands.

This is such typical human behavior. Oh, I pray it's not mine. Makes me think, though. And you? Do you know anyone like this? All bluster, no blow? Can't walk the talk? When push comes to shove, they skedaddle?

I don't want to be a writer like this. I don't want to be a human like this. I guess I want to walk softly always, stand strong when duty calls, bend with willow-strength when required.

On this day, especially, strength and valor and heroism seem so important, so worthy a goal, so difficult to attain. On this day, especially, I remember those who refused the easy way out, those who did the right thing, the hard thing, the thing which required their all.

Anthony is right: the only way to honor such sacrifice is to be a first responder.


Charles Gramlich said...

All of us run sometimes. But some of us come back. At least once in a while.

Laura Canon said...

Lovely post and a lot of food for thought. I'm rooting for your query, too.

Alex Moore said...

@Charles Gramlich: indeed. and often it's that first survival instinct that makes it so; only in retrospect do we reconsider and return. i guess that's why i'm a huge proponent of pre-thinking, or whatever you'd call it. i try to plan my actions ahead of ever facing a possible event. that way, when I'm knee-jerk reacting, hopefully i'll jerk the right way. I don't know. but i know i want to try.

@laura canon: many thanks, on all fronts. you are a dear :)

Peter said...

Unfortunately, it seems that so many people are more talk than they are show.. and it's sad both for us who have to watch and them as well.. since they have to live with a lack of conviction. I like the old adage that I might not agree with you.. but I'll fight for your right to say it. I wish more of us took the time to consider our world and come to a conclusion we can defend.. one that's not based on sound bites but actual thought. Although some might say that would lead to more dissention.. I actually think it would lead to more agreement.. if people considered the whole world. I'd like to think that when push comes to shove.. I'd stand up rather than run away.. help others rather than look out for just myself... respond to whatever the need..