Thursday, September 11, 2008

Writers of the Future: Free Writing Contest

One of the elite writing contests of the day happens to be sponsored by L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future. Many leading science fiction and fantasy authors have earned their first laurels -- and major recognition -- as semi-finalists, finalists, and winners of this contest. Big names in the field (like Orson Scott Card, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, and Anne McCaffrey to name a few) also make up the panel of judges.

Check out the contest rules, explore the site, and contemplate sending in your masterpiece.


  • No entry fee
  • 17,000 words or less
  • Four quarters per year, each with prizes
  • First prize: $1000
  • Grand prize: $5000 for the year's winner
  • No professional writers (see site's definition)

Contest Deadlines:
December 31st
March 31st
June 30th
September 30th
Contest year ends at midnight on Sept 30th.

Note: for you budding artists out there, check out the Illustrators of the Future contest for new & amateur artists worldwide; $1500 in prizes awarded quarterly.


Nils said...

Who in their right minds would want to associate themselves with L. Ron Hubbard? Or Orson Scott Card, for that matter? I wouldn't even TALK to that guy for US$5000.

selonus said...

Well, nils, regardless of who is sponsoring it, if it is a chance to be seen and read, then I'm all for it. Thanks Alex for posting this! :)

cirellio said...

This looks great. Thanks for posting about it, Are you entering?

Dogtrax said...

Interesting contest. I might check it out.

Alex Moore said...

@cirellio: I don't think I'm entering this time. I'm still working on my blatantly sci fi piece;) but I'm hoping that one of you will enter, win, get recognized, published, and remember all of the rest of us, giving us glowing praise and encouragement...