Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Five Things to Prepare for the Coming Craziness

I'm not here to debate Inflation or the next Great Depression. But I am ready to give you the top five things you should do in the next month. I know this is a writing blog, but it struck me that this is important enough to write about.

1. Prepare your house: store enough food, water, and supplies for a week.

2. Put together a back-pack that you can grab & run with. This should contain emergency supplies, copies of importants documents, and $300 in small bills.

3. Put together a "plan" for meeting up with family if something should happen. If you're traveling, there's usually only one post office per town, so it's a good "emergency" gathering place.

4. Go down to your local coin store and buy what's called "junk silver." You'll pay spot silver price for pre-1964 coins. It may seem crazy to pay over a dollar for one silver dime, but it's far more usable in a crisis than bullion or bars.

5. Continue to invest in gold and silver, especially silver. They both stairstep up. (I've heard that they 'take the escalator up and the elevator down.')


Inland Empire Girl said...

I think I have the food, but we can always go to my Mom's house. She still packs in the food like she is feeding a family of five. Never a lack of food in that house. lol

Alex Moore said...

@inland empire girl: my dad keeps assuring me that he's got enough for the immediate family, etc. But there's just something reassuring about being self-sufficient! I think, too, it's part of the Western spirit -- what makes us uniquely West or rural or throwbacks to the pioneer/cowboy days;)